E-learning toolbox

Our e-learning tool box comprises a range of products and services (opposite) which will help you to implement e-learning effectively. You can use them individually or as part of a structured plan.





Peer networking

These are a series of templates and step-by-step guides and workbooks which will help you to find your way through all the stages of e-learning implementation.


Our workshops are designed to give you hands-on experience and can be tailored to your particular situation. We run public workshops or we can run them on-site at your premises.

If e-learning is not your main job focus, it can be difficult to get up-to-speed quickly on the subject and to dedicate enough time to setting it up. We can undertake projects for discrete areas of work to help take the pressure off.

We can provide ongoing coaching support for our workshops, blueprints and peer networks, or put together a structured programme from across all our resources that is tailored to your specific requirements.

Peer networks provide you with a support system, where you can learn from your peers and benefit from cross-organisation working. We  facilitate peer networks at any level, from peer reviews to group procurement and resource sharing.

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